In short
There are a number of techniques I find interesting, although I like working with paper the best and also I prefer working with a limited palette of colors, mainly black and white because with those two you can basically express anything in the strongest contrast. I'm a generalist and besides working in paper I design and sew clothes and hats, I write short stories and novels. On Twitter I regularly post small projects like snippets of text or photos. In any case I try to find borders, mostly in material but also in what I can achieve, in which I often discover there's more possible than I think, there's so much more to unravel, there are more ways to show people my inner world where I live.

In numbers
Born in 1974 in Groningen and as soon as I could moved to Amsterdam

(1994-1997) Fine art - Goldsmithry Amsterdam
(2005-2008) University of Amsterdam; Bachelor Media & Culture
(2008-2009) University of Amsterdam; Master New Media

Furthermore I'm mostly self-educated, I took some short courses like: oil painting, model drawing, making shoes, sewing and draping.

The materials
The materials I like the most are thin and flexible materials in which I can cut and I can fold, like paper, leather, fabric, or artificial paper like tyvek. Although I like traditional papercuts I also cut more abstract works like my barcode portraits which suggest a lot of grey tones.

Courses and masterclasses
From 2009-2016 I was conducting sewing courses to small groups of enthusiastic students, but now I am focused on creating new work and teaching art.

I also like teaching others the basics of papercutting, how to translate ideas into paper with scissors and/or a knife through workshops and masterclasses.