Somewhere in the 90s I made the papercut you can see on the right. Some time after I was asked if someone could use it as a logo for a company. I agreed and he sent me his business cards and other papers with a miniature of my papercut. Some time after that a friend of mine called me to say she had met someone who used my design for his company, did I know about that! She had one of the three originals.

My papercuttings remind more people of tattoos and I gave it some thought if I wanted one myself. My fear is that I make a more beautiful papercut soon after. For myself my designs are never good enough. However I played around in Photoshop once with a picture of my upper arm and some papercuttings.

The grandson of the man who used the logo did like my design so much he had it tattooed on his left shoulder. His father or a friend took photo's of the whole process. I think it's fascinating and somewhat strange that someone walks around with my design on his body. On the other hand I would like to draw and cut another design when someone asks me to.