To me as an artist virginity is a strange concept and for a lot of people it has a lot of value. It's something you have or you don't, in the latter you have lost it, but the relevant questions are where did it go and what is it exactly that you've lost? What happens when you lose it? Do you just lose an undamaged membrane or is there more to it? What happens to it when you lose it? Is it profitable? What if men lose it? What does it look like? Is it like parchment or more like cigarette paper?

I like the idea of (white) paper, because when this is damaged, it's irrevocable. These and many more questions brought me to the idea of taking (young) men's virginities and storing them in small glass bottles. On labels I keep their name, age, and a location. From my research I found that virginity is more than just a myth, it's something physical! Most of the time it has something fragile like paper, it's volatile and transparent.